Akita Inu Token is a cryptocurrency that started as a meme. Through the support of the community we have bridged to Avalanche for project governance - empowering our community.


Max Supply: 100,000,000,000,000
Percent burned: 7.82%
Circulating Supply: 92,179,835,873,886


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How to buy on Uniswap


Make sure you paste in the correct address.


Add liquidity

Would you like to add liquidity to Uniswap Pool?
Check the pair here.

Connect your wallet & Swap ETH/AKITA

Make sure you adapt to price slippage and got enough ETH for the fees in your wallet.


First time?


This is a step by step instruction on how to buy AKITA INU with Metamask


1 - Download Metamask


Go to Metamask and load the app. Follow the in-app-tutorial, log in and get started.

Don't forget to write down your private pass-phrase (don't lose it!).


2 - Buy Ethereum


Get some ETH at your preferred exchange.


3 - Transfer to Metamask

Copy your Metamask address and transfer ETH to your wallet.


4 - Connect to Uniswap

Find the official AKITA contract address here (copy contract on top right corner) and connect your wallet to Uniswap.


5 - Swap

Select From: ETH; To: Paste in official AKITA contract adress and click import.

Put in the ETH-amount you wish to swap. Make sure you got enough ETH for the transaction fee (edit the fee to make sure transaction runs smoothly).


6 - Add liquidity

If you wish, add liquidity to the ETH-AKITA pair on Uniswap.


Frequently asked questions

What is AKITA Inu?

AKITA (Akita Inu) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain defined here. Originally a meme token without a team nor a project, acting as Doge and SHIB's smaller brother, it now has a strong community of over 60,000 + holders, a dedicated team of community members/investors, and many community moderators to help federate the community. The goal of the team is to convert the Akita Inu coin from a meme coin to a real, useful token with various use cases. We also have cross chain interoperability.

What is AKITA Network?

AKITA Network is a community as well as a social experiment with tokenomics. It has brought together like-minded people looking to invest in a common experience. Through interactions within a decentralized and anonymous social media platform, AKITA visionaries and holders will have access to vendors and organizations that have been chosen by its on members and benefactors.

What is AKITA Network DAO?

AKITA Network DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization for the AKITA community which will establish a community treasury governed by the DAO. The community members who hold the governance token gAKITA will be able to participate and have a say in all of the decisions for the AKITA community. The community will be able to guide the future for AKITA.

Why have we bridged to Avalanche blockchain?

The AKITA team plans on expanding their cross-chain interoperability. The first stop is on the Avalanche blockchain. Here is why: Avalanche uses a revolutionary consensus model that completes transactions with near-immediate finality.

  • Ridiculously low gas fees
  • Extremely fast transactions
  • A responsive dev team
  • A dedicated community
We believe Avalanche will be a major force in this industry and we are proud to be a part of it.

What is gAKITA?

gAKITA will be the governance token of the AKITA Network DAO. g AKITA will incentivize leadership from within the community, which will leverage the power of the network in all fundraising, development, and trajectory.

What happens to AKITA on Ethereum if we are now on Avalanche?

Nothing at all! AKITA liquidity will forever be locked in Uniswap V2. When bridging to another blockchain, this simply means our token was also mapped for another blockchain. This allows new liquidity pools to be created and the price is supported by the ERC-20 token. *** Be careful to always check first that the AKITA token you are purchasing is verified by the team. There are many scam coins and we dont want our community to get hurt. As of right now AKITA is safe to purchase on Ethereum (see list of exchanges on CMC) and Avalanche here.

How do I bridge by AKITA ERC-20 tokens to Avalanche?

To bridge your AKITA tokens to Avalanche, we are verified on the Anyswap Bridge. See our Youtube channel for video tutorials.

How do I bridge my Ethereum to Avalanche?

The AKITA Network team suggests you use the AB Bridge created by Avalanche. See our tutorial on how to use the Bridge here.


Join us!

Welcome to Akita Inu 秋田犬 

Please Respect the Community.There is no AKITA Support team or Assistance team. Never give out your seed phrase or private keys to anyone. Always do your own research. This is not financial advice.